Monday, February 22, 2010

Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker

Entry 1:

I have memorized most if not all the song and am now beginning to practice each part at full speed. It's not an easy task at first, as with any Jason Becker song, since there is a lot of finger twisting, dramatic speeds, chewed-up yet clear notes which I want to get with exactitude.

The sweeps at the very beginning prove exhaustive enough to get with exactitude, but every time I get them perfectly it seems like there is no effort at all. This is common with anything really, once muscle memory sets in.
The challenging bit about them is the third set which is a Am7b5 with a Kokinjoshi flavor to it. Jason knew that the key to amazing shred-based songs was to create warped yet melodic sounds. Sweeping is a great way to do this since it adds a very fluent tone to a otherwise very enigmatic quality.

Perpetual Burn GP5 tabs can be found here:

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