Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker

Entry 2:

Today I've been looking at when the 'hook' melody is introduced. It's surrounded by sliding arpeggios and fast sweep picking. There are some fast alternate picking sections, as well. Particularly hard on this is that there are plenty of jumps, not only vertically but also horizontally across the neck. For example, after the first set of sweeps and runs the hook melody resumes which means jumping from the 4th fret on the 6th string to the 17th fret on the 1st string.

There is lots of string skipping involved, I guess the part that stands out the most is when the A minor arpeggio is highlighted with a root movement, then a 1st inversion (starting on C), then a 2nd inversion (starting on E) and then another root movement right before the long run down A harmonic minor to G#...

I understand that it is very important to get this down slowly first, with every note clear. Albeit in my recording I did not hit every note but alas that is the challenge presenting itself. If every note can be certified going slow, then faster and faster, by the time the actual speed is attempted then the only challenge is in dexterity which can easily be worked with a few hours of practice.

The video is best viewed on Youtube as the right margin gets cut in this post. Maybe it's on some computers only, I'm not sure.

Perpetual Burn GP5 tabs can be found here:

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