Sunday, March 7, 2010

Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker

Entry 8:

It's been a few days since my last entry, this is due to my getting sick and then working all day, yesterday, on some music for a video project my cousin is undertaking.

But I'm back with more Perpetual Burn!

Today's section is by no means a diminutive one in terms of the challenge. At a slow pace it's actually quite easy to play over and over, but kick in 5th gear and there is some finger twisting!

So, today's part starts with a G# minor arpeggio, followed by a Phrygian Dominant lick in D# (otherwise known as the 5th mode of G# Harmonic Minor). Then there is a bit of a dance with some bends, right before a fast lick which I like to think of as divided into two pieces.

The first piece is in D# Phrygian, starting on the 16th fret of the 1st string, up to the 18th fret and then down in a three-note-per-string motion to D# on the 4th string.

The second piece is in A# Locrian but really finishes in the 7th mode of G# Harmonic Minor with the leading tone (G). But I like to think of that as just a passing/leading tone and the run to be in A# Locrian since all the notes are part of that scale. So, this second piece is a bit of a back and forth with the notes, but that's not much of a challenge. I did it by sliding cause I like the sound and feel of it, but it can be done by shifting the hand down picking up three notes at a time.

After the leading tone, we go into a G# minor arpeggio again, this time skipping one note of the arpeggio and then back and the skip again etc. It looks like this:


So this is a bit tricky due to the skipping but focus on your picking and on having your fretting fingers well placed and eventually it'll come easily.

Then there is a chromatic movement between the 2nd and 3rd strings finishing on a diatonic line on the 4th string.

Following this we have an A major arpeggio which plays with the top 5th and 6th of the tonality a few times towards its' end. Then the lick which is a pain in the ass. Specially if you haven't practiced it enough, like I haven't :p.


(Had to cut out the string 'names' cause the tab was too big for the space)

And that is all for today. Make sure to check out all my other blogs.

See you later!

Perpetual Burn GP5 tabs can be found here:

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